The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Jennifer Rock
Jennifer R.

"I have been coming to Desert Hot Springs Spa and Miracle Springs for five years now. My friends and I love to come up from LA to relax in the pools. I came up the weekend of February 26th. I was not as impressed with the service as I once was. First off, the room we initially had was a closet. It's the same type of room I book every year. Usually it's upstairs with a balcony. This one was under the stairs, no patio, no balcony and no phone! Front desk switched my room immediately. But they were out of room keys. We got one key for four people. I asked for spa brochures and they were out of those too. When I asked for towels, I was told to come up front to get them. This was at night and I get staff was not on hand for that, however you guys should staff up during the peak season. The place was packed per usual and every time we needed towels, we had to go up front. Towels should be readily available. I realize they can get stolen, people take too many. However, a system should be in place where it can be regulated yet readily available without having to go to the front desk. The carpets in these rooms really need to be changed out. I do like the kitschy vintage feel but this just felt a little dirty. I realize you get what you pay for. But a little more love into this place and it will be better than good. It would be spectacular!"

Special Tips

More towels in the rooms, cleaner carpets, don't run out of spa brochures at a spa resort.

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