Internet Policy

We know that even though you’re here to relax, things do follow from work. We offer property-wide, blazing-fast FIOS, wireless internet connection to all areas of the resort. Our IT Department works hard to ensure you always have the fastest connection available for your stay or event.

Didn’t bring your computer with? We offer our guests access to a complementary internet kiosk located in our lobby.

Internet Access Policy

The Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel (DHSSH) provides wireless Internet access for laptop computers and other equipment.

1.   All patrons who agree to this Internet Access Policy may use the wireless service.  By choosing to use this free service, users are agreeing to abide by the DHSSH Internet and computing policies.  In order to utilize the connections, the laptop computer will need to have a wireless network card and to be configured to connect via appropriate protocols.  The hotel does not guarantee that all laptop computers will be able to connect to the wireless Internet service or to maintain that connection.

2.   DHSSH provides landline and wireless Internet access following all appropriate federal, state, and local legislation.  DHSSH does not provide wireless network cards to patrons.  DHSSH reserves the right to disconnect any device and to provide equal access for wireless access to all users.

3.   DHSSH is not responsible for laptops or similar devices.  Furthermore, DHSSH is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the laptop computer while connected to the wireless network.  This includes, but is not limited to, hardware, software, or data loss due to power surges, power loss, service interruptions, computer viruses, spyware, and/or any other type of computer malware.  Anti-virus and security protection are the responsibility of the patron.

4.   The DHSSH staff cannot provide technical assistance to patrons using the DHSSH’s wireless network. Technical computer connection or use questions should be directed to the appropriate manufacturer’s representative.

5.   Printers may not be available for wireless users using their own laptop or similar personally owned devices.  However, saved files can be copied onto a USB flash drive or similar storage device and utilized on one of the DHSSH’s public access computer workstations for printing.  DHSSH is not responsible for data loss that may occur when printing.

6.   The DHSSH’s public Internet access is not filtered.  Parents or legal guardians who want their children to have filtered access should direct their children to one of the DHSSH’s public access computers or purchase filtering software for their computing devices.

7.   Users may not use the network to:
a.   make unauthorized entry into other computer, information, or communication services or resources
b.   distribute unsolicited advertising or spam
c.   invade the privacy of others
d.   engage in any activity that is harassing or defamatory
e.   use the Internet for illegal activity

8.   Users will refrain from displaying obscene materials in public places.  Patrons deemed to be in violation of this may be asked to leave DHSSH and may eventually be banned from further DHSSH Internet use.  Obscene materials are considered in part to be those images that may be offensive to others.

9.   The DHSSH’s wireless Internet connection is unsecured and open to others.  DHSSH is not responsible for problems arising from using wireless Internet connectivity.  This includes but is not limited to loss due to improper use of online financial tools, personal information intercepted while being transmitted, and/or identity theft.  Information sent to and from notebook/laptop computers or other wireless devices may be captured by anyone with a wireless device and the appropriate software.

10.   Violations of any policy may result in loss of Internet access.  Unlawful activities will be dealt with appropriately.